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Link Popularity Building helps your website gain higher rankings

Having a high number of links pointing to your website helps establish your site as an 'authoritive' site in the eyes of search engines. Google uses the term "Page Rank", with a volume of good quality links pointing towards your website, you will be on your way to ranking highly in Search Engines with competitive keywords.

Link Popularity is a measurement of all the links coming into your website (also known as backlinks), as well as the determination of the quality of all those links. The quality of the links is an important element, and a major difference between a lot of online marketing providers. Many will claim they can deliver huge amounts of backlinks to your website, however in most instances the quality of the links they provide are very poor, therefore being of little use to you, and your online marketing campaign.

In effect, with respect to link building, search engines are ascertaining that if your website is good, other websites should link to it. If no other sites link to your website, this is an indication that your site has little relevance, and hence wont be regarded highly by search engines, meaning your page rank will be low, resulting in your website not ranking well in search results. The greater the number of links pointing to your website, the higher the validation of the popularity, authority and relevance of your website, which then means that you will achieve better ranks, and positioning when people search for a keyword that is related to a product or service you sell.

Incoming links or inbound links have gained importance in recent times and have become a critical part of any online marketing campaign to achieve high rankings and good results. The major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) now rely on more 'off-page' factors such as link popularity to assess how 'important' your site is and where it should rank.

There are various parameters the search engines evaluate such as;

  • »Page Rank of the linking site
  • »Relevance of the page
  • »Keys in anchor text, plus many other elements

SEO AUS offer analysis, research and consulting services all of which are aimed squarely at attracting new customers to your website.

Our link building services are genuine, targeted, and establish high numbers of relevant backlinks.


SEO AUS provides a detailed appraisal of where you stand, how you stack up against your competitors and where you can improve your link popularity. This report is a free service, and is easy to read. We focus our analysis on suggesting changes and options that will produce good quality results for your business, and get you ranking on page 1 of Google.

SEO AUS provides a custom SEO portal to all of our clients. Our SEO portal is a system where each client can login, and view real time, up to date reports and stats. You can login anytime, and get a real good feel for the progress and success of the online marketing campaign we are running for you. You will be able to run custom reports, view archived campaign information, review traffic and stats graphs, and read up on what our team plan on as part of the next stages of your campaign. The SEO AUS SEO portal is totally unique, no other SEO or online marketing company offers it. It's a great tool, and instrument that keeps our clients informed and in touch with their online marketing campaign.


SEO AUS performed comprehensive research into possible websites where you will benefit from links. We'll identify and rank hundreds of sites - portals, directories, ezines, blogs and information sources - and keep you informed about the steps we will take to win links from them for your website.

Full Linking Strategy

At SEO AUS, all of our clients benefit from working with an online marketing company that will happily do all the work for you. We'll complete the Analysis and Research and implement a linking strategy that will bring long-term benefits to your online business. We will then continue to monitor and manage the process for you, and provide ongoing reports and stats.

All search engines factor link popularity into their algorithms, however it is calculated differently. It is our job to understand each search engine algorithm, and how they give weight to each aspect of an online marketing solution.

Link building is a specialised and resource intensive task which requires knowledge of the link building process, how to build links to your website and critically, how and where to find high quality links. A successful link building strategy incorporates among others: directory submissions, both general and niche, internal blogging links, linking to business partners or local businesses, social bookmarking where you can get good backlinks and writing good articles and press releases that can get your website some high quality links.


We live by the motto: The proof is in the pudding.

Please, have a look at the results we produce for our clients. We work with some of the worlds largest brands, and also are very proud to work with some of the smallest brands, and companies in Australia. We would be delighted to hear from you and over a coffee discuss how we can get your site onto page 1 of Google.

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