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PPC/Adwords Management Services

If you are looking to increase your website visibility with effective results, then a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign is the solution. We consider Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a sustainable process that builds a solid foundation for ensuring that a high search engine ranking is achieved. Whereas, a Pay Per Click (PPC) approach is an immediate response to effectively increase online presence in search engine result pages.

A well managed pay per click campaign is considered a highly cost effective form of advertising in reaching unparalleled and immediate results. As the term pay per click suggests, payment is based on the amount of clicks an advertisement receives with the benefit of advertisers only paying for the results obtained.

Australia Pay Per Click Management Services
Australia PPC Management Services

SEO AUS Pay Per Click

Finding it difficult to determine which pay per click search engine is the optimal choice to fit your budget and generate targeted website traffic to your website? There are numerous amounts of search engines available to assist an advertiser with increasing website visibility and attract the targeted audience to the desired site, with Google AdWords achieving the primary position. In order to make this a simple decision, the SEO AUS team has provided a service to do this work for you in providing a PPC strategy, which will ensure a high search engine ranking is achieved to fit your desired budget.

The process our team goes through in order to provide the ultimate pay per click/ Adwords management service includes researching your business and industry to target the most effective keyword and phrases, analysis of the competitors in the industry, optimisation of the page content, link building, copywriting, the use of Google AdWords, pay per click marketing in search engines and bid management, goals and conversion rate tracking, analysis on performance of the campaign and final reporting to measure results. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied in each step of our process and with the final outcome which can be accessed through:

  • Recommended cost effective solutions intended to provide flexibility
  • Strategic planning and assistance to create a strong partnership with the client
  • Consulting arrangement created as a modified solution

Keyword research

The first step in our Pay Per Click/Adwords management process is the keyword research phase. This step is a vital component to ensure the specific keywords and phrases that the targeted audience are searching for, are used to direct the traffic to your website. When the keywords and terms have been identified and determined, the building of the PPC campaign can be developed around them. SEO AUS leads this for you, creating reports that detail what keywords can be used for your campaign, and why.

Copywriting and ad wording

In order to greatly increase the CTR, Click-through rate, it is essential to get your PPC ad copy right. Our PPC packages and solutions include the writing of copy for the advertisement, at no additional cost to upset your budget. SEO AUS copywriting team are experts in attracting the attention of your desired audience, in order to drive quality traffic and leads to your website. Low quality ads, or those with spelling or grammar mistakes only lead to poor performance.

Pay per click bidding

SEO AUS will ensure the bid management process of your pay per click campaign is successfully managed so you don’t have to. Our team will also ensure that you are only paying for the listings and results you receive, and not finding yourself in bidding wars with other competitors. We will then provide you with daily reports on your campaign results and give you the option to track your bidding costs, costs per click, and indicators. We balance out the placement or position of your ad (So that it’s prominent), with the cost per click that you will pay for that position.

PPC Campaign metrics and tracking

Our team thrive on statistics and information. We love detail. At SEO AUS, we carefully create, then review various reports, and finally research campaign information to then certify we can make the calculated decisions on managing pay per click campaigns and ensure they are successful. We also share these reports with you on a monthly basis, and your account manager will run through each in detail so that you have a full understanding of the work being done, changes being made, and the results being delivered.

Adwords Management Services in Australia


The SEO AUS team live by the saying: Actions speak louder than words.

We welcome you to look through our results we develop for our clients. Our company works with some of the most renowned brands and companies, both large and smaller sized, in the United Kingdom. SEO AUS would be pleased to work with you on a PPC campaign to increase your company’s sales and reach first page on Google search engine in order to optimise your website’s visibility for success.

Contact SEO AUS at 01584 318 913 for professional Pay Per Click (PPC)/Adwords management services in Australia.

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