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How can you greatly improve your search engine ranking?

SEO AUS provides professional search engine optimisation services in the Australia to promote your online business. Our SEO Consultants have established a distinct 8 step process used to greatly enhance your search engine ranking:
  • Analysis of your website and online presence
  • Analysis of your business, your competition and the industry in detail
  • Reporting on positioning and benchmarking one of our specialist SEO Consultants will share with you
  • Initial reporting on keyword analysis, including your ideas, wants and needs
  • Extensive website review, with recommendations from an expert SEO Consultant
  • Development of an SEO Strategy to create On-Page SEO changes
  • Ongoing maintenance of your SEO campaign and promotion
  • In depth SEO campaign analysis on ranking, and further reporting on results achieved
Search Engine Optimisation Services Australia
SEO Consultants in Australia

Are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services all the same?

Simply answer to this question – No. However we want to give you more reasoning to why SEO services are not all the same. Many companies will offer and guarantee these fantastic promises of greater results and a vast increase in sales and revenue when providing their Search Engine Optimisation services. The problem with this is that a majority of these companies will fail to deliver, and all you are left with is a large bill, with no results to show for your costs spent. SEO AUS is different, as we can guarantee our results we deliver. What happens if we don’t deliver on our promise? We will work for free until we achieve the results you need. That’s how confident we are in our results we provide for your business. SEO AUS continually delivers this guarantee to all of our SEO clients, day in and day out.

The five questions to ask an SEO provider:

  • Q1

    What are the highest rankings of Search Engine Optimisation results the company has successfully delivered in competitive markets?

  • Q2

    What is the Search Engine Marketing firm’s current retention rate for their clients? For all of our Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click projects, SEO AUS currently maintain a 100% client retention rate.

  • Q3

    Does the company have available time and resources to implement and maintain your SEO project for website optimisation?

  • Q4

    How does the company measure success for a Search Engine Marketing project?

  • Q5

    How long has the Search Engine Marketing firm been operating in the industry, and providing SEO services for?

5 Questions to Ask from an SEO Provider
Australia SEO Services

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

What purpose does a website hold if the prospective clients cannot locate the site, it’s useless. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a significant role in assisting users to find the desired site.

Plain and simple – SEO is a marketing technique used to optimise a website’s visibility to the targeted users. If the SEO project is successfully developed, a company can increase business to become a thriving leader online.

In further detail, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the ranking and visibility of a website in the natural search engine result pages, which are located on the left hand side of a search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO campaigns generate an increase of qualified traffic to the desired website over time, therefore enhancing the company’s online presence.

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